Communities based on inclusion

Some might say there’s a community crisis happening in our generation. People are more disconnected than ever. Communities aren’t as strong as they once were. I think that’s all true, but I think some of it might be a growing pain as we realize our old ideas of community weren’t great and left too many people out of the conversation.

Typically community has been function of tradition and exclusion. Communities were formed around the basis of religion, class race, and other characteristics. Those distinctions still happen today, but I think we’re making progress against exclusionary forms of community.

Now those barriers are broken down, we need to find new ways to build community. How do we build a tight-knit group without making it about “us” and “them?” How do we come together without driving others away?

The old fallbacks aren’t working anymore and they shouldn’t work anymore. They’re old fashioned notions. But now we’re faced with the challenge of building a community around inclusion. How do we make it happen?