Charity: Water Stories

Everything about Charity: Water is a story. It starts with Scott Harrison’s empty life as a nightclub promoter. Getting paid to drink and hype up the most exclusive parties. Then, he has a moment of awakening. He leaves his shallow life behind for something more fulfilling.

But the journey isn’t easy. With 10 years of experience of partying, non-profits aren’t eager to hire Scott. So he ends up paying $500/month to live on a ship that travels to developing nations performing critical medical procedures. Scott’s job is to document the stories by taking photographs.

While out in the field he stumbles upon people drinking water that looks like chocolate milk. He learns about how many diseases are spread through low quality water sources and decides that is the problem he wants to address.

To launch the charity, he throws a party for his 31st birthday, raising thousands and kicking off the trend of donating your birthday for charity.

If Scott were talking, he would talk about a specific moment that led to each of these turning points. He would take you there so you could feel the reality, the emotion. While I’ve heard many of his stories five or so times, it’s almost better that way because now I can tell them to you with ease. And now, in this moment, I’m doing Scott’s job for him. The message is spreading while he’s asleep because of the stories he’s told and retold.