Challenging a big assumption

I want to challenge the assumption that we need to change everything in order to make school work for the future.

We don’t have the time to tear down the system and reinvent it from the ground up. The problem is too urgent.

We need a solution that can start working tomorrow.

I think I have one, but I’m still working out the details. My thesis is that it doesn’t take much time to have a massive perspective shift. What each student needs is a different lens on learning. The solution isn’t about changing school, but it’s about changing the lens through which students approach school.

Changing school will cost billions and take decades. Giving students a better lens can be done in a weekend, a day or maybe even one afternoon. That part is unproven, but I think it might be crazy enough to work.

The future of education isn’t the radical shift we’re all waiting for. That change won’t come in time. The future is small, personal, empowering, creative and bold. Let’s make it together.