The narrative

Determine the narrative for yourself

Before someone else determines it for you

Never or already

What if I already am?

What if I never will be?

This is a rare case where I think the answer is at either extreme. The middle is a place full of longing, and dissatisfaction.

Detach, just a little bit.


What is it and where do we get it from?

Is it from work? From play? From family? From beliefs? From where we live?

It could be any and all. What’s important is that we get to choose how we weight those categories. We control the narrative around how we speak about ourselves.

What you emphasize is what others will repeat.


It’s not a place.

It’s a state of mind.

It may be just a half mile away if you’re ready for it.

Authentic expression

What we really need is raw authentic human expression.

The truer students are to themselves the better work they will do.

And if that’s not true, then they aren’t doing the right work.

Is the magic real?

Some might say it doesn’t matter.

Others would say fake magic is entertaining.

Enthusiasts might claim their “real” magic deserves more attention.

At the end of the day, it’s the story we tell ourselves about the magic that matters most. Somewhere along the way, we get tricked no matter what. It just depends where and how we want to interpret the trickery.

Was it fair play by an impressive artist? Or was it blatant lying by an enterprising producer?

The story is the magic.

One of those moments

I walked into a school today to hand out some Dual School flyers.

I stood in an isolated office, thinking about how I didn’t know a single student that went to the school.

Until one of them walked in through the door. If I was a 9 out 10 on a scale of how surprised I was, he was a -3. He played it cool and went over to the secretary.

When he left, and it was my turn to talk to the secretary, I said “we worked with that student this summer.” To which she replied. “He’s changed. I see a big difference. Whatever you’re doing is working. Usually by this time I would have heard his name over the walkie-talkie 6 or 7 times because he’s out in the hallway missing class.”

A total, random coincidence on many levels. But that’s what it’s all about.

Seth Godin on bad reviews

“It says a lot about the reviewer. And not a lot about what’s being reviewed.”

Not just true for reviews. Projection is everywhere.

Closer to the action

The further you are from action, the less seriously people take you.

Everyone has an app idea. The fact that you’re “pursuing it” doesn’t mean much because it’s so abstract.

If you’ve drawn out screenshots, or you have mockups of the user flow, now we can have a different conversation. Better yet, if you’ve built an email list, a Facebook group or a website with real users, you have traction to show for the idea.

Who cares?

Well if you want to recruit partners, investors, teammates, users, or anyone else on your journey, reality helps.

Make your ideas more real. You won’t regret it.

Don’t quit your day job

Despite selling a $340,000 option to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Jeff Maysh didn’t quit his day job.

Sometimes it isn’t about the numbers, but the emotion. He still doesn’t feel like he’s made it. He’s not a staff writer at a prestigious publication. And until he gets there, he’ll still be going to work tomorrow morning.