Business model – Life fit

Startup advisors often talk to young companies about product market fit. Product market fit is when your product solves a real world problem, and people are buying your solution. The goal of customer interviewing, minimum viable products, user testing and entrepreneurship in general is to achieve product market fit. Without it, a company cannot sustain… Read More

Risky assumptions

Your risky assumption is like a fence you need to see over. The goal of a prototype, or an MVP is to climb the smallest possible hill in order to see over that fence. It doesn’t make sense to climb Everest (build the entire app) to see over a small fence. You just need to… Read More

What’s the point of more technology?

Giving people more technology is like feeding a congested person more food. It looks great in theory, until you realize the person can’t taste or smell because they’re so stuffed up! More technology isn’t the answer. The real problem in our world is that we’re disconnected and lonely. Not because social media has failed us,… Read More

The problem (and potential solutions) in content distribution

Our current methods for content distribution are broken. News outlets get paid for page views rather than quality journalism. There are a lot of people who see the problems with ad-driven content and later in this post we’ll talk about some potential solutions. First, let’s dive deeper into the problem. When you click on an article, you see… Read More

7 Strategies for Giving Better Advice

What is good advice to give? I think this is asking the wrong question. There is so much great advice out there. Cliches are cliches for a reason. Here’s the important question: How do I give advice in a way that people care enough to act upon it? There is a surplus of good advice… Read More

Twenty Thousand Passions Round Two

On April 21st, 2017 the University of Delaware was flooded with passion. Eighteen volunteers brought their energy and enthusiasm to engage more than a thousand students in thinking about an important question: What are you passionate about? The idea behind the event is that every person on campus has at least one passion. It’s too easy to go… Read More

You can never see it all

There’s an important idea in Jainism that can be translated as “manysidedness.” The reasoning behind manysidedness is that everything in the world has countless different sides and it’s not possible to see them all at once. Thus, you can never know the true nature of something. When you look at one side, you’re missing another. It’s always… Read More

A simple tweak for better events

There is nothing more energizing that making something with someone. Starting with nothing and creating something that matters is an irreplaceable feeling. Making together is a great way to form connections and it’s underutilized in our world right now.The irony is, we need collaborative solutions more than ever. What if our events were focused on… Read More

Two Mindsets

A fixed pie mindset is toxic. People who believe that life is a zero sum game are prone to cut others down believing its in their own best interest. This is why students sabotage other’s experiments and give them wrong answers on tests. If Johnny gets a C and I get an A, then I look better. It’s… Read More

What are you willing to do?

The key to finding a niche is answering the question: What are you willing to do that very few other people are willing to do? If you want to start a company and make millions, that’s great, but who wouldn’t want that?  Are you willing to pour three years of your life into a project that… Read More