Focus on the powder

I went skiing last Saturday and I got very lucky. On the one day I was available, Sunday River got 12 inches of fresh powder. On the first day of April! People were amazed. Regulars, who ski every weekend, said these were the best conditions all year. One chairlift ride I sat next to a girl… Read More

Two Roads Diverged

Two roads diverged in the woods and I wasn’t creative enough to find a third. Okay, Robert Frost never said that, but I’m saying it now. The dichotomy is always false. When presented with two options, seek to combine them and find the best of both. “Do something you love, or do something that makes… Read More

The Experts Fallacy

You don’t need to be an expert to help other people. Imagine you’re playing a video game with 100 levels. You might be at level 13 right now. When you look around, you see experts that are at high levels. They’re “qualified.” Way more “qualified” than you are at playing this game. But when there’s… Read More

A Brutal Cycle

Want a quick dose of anxiety before you go to sleep? Tune into the evening news! Don’t catch any shut eye before you hear about everything that went wrong today. Would you rather just get a peaceful night’s sleep? Where’s the fun in that? Make sure there’s a nagging feeling the world is going to… Read More

Context matters

I passed a violinist in the Montreal subway the other day. I quickly wrote this person off, but then I thought I should reconsider. I remembered the famous Joshua Bell experiment. Just a few days after playing a sold out audience in a symphony hall, Bell played for the passersby at a subway stop. No… Read More

St. Viateurs won’t butter your bagel

St. Viateurs, the most famous bagel place in Montreal, doesn’t even serve you cream cheese. They sell it in little packets in a fridge. They won’t apply it for you, they won’t make you an egg sandwich, hell, they didn’t even cut my bagel in half. You could argue this is lazy, but I think… Read More

All words are misconstrued

Leadership Creativity Entrepreneurship Introvert No one ever knows the real definitions. Some people think of it as one thing, and other people think of it differently. Further, all words are misconstrued in a way that lets people off the hook for not acting I’m an introvert so I can’t network I’m not loud, so I can’t… Read More

Snowy Possibilities

Last weekend I went on a dreamy winter adventure. We rented a house with a lot of family up in the mountains of New Hampshire to celebrate my step-dad’s birthday. Fresh snow was falling the whole drive up, and by the time we arrived, a few inches fell on Littlefield, NH. The snow-covered land was… Read More

The Glades Salesman

For a while my brother and I could not convince my mom to take this one ski trail. She didn’t like glades. We reassured her that it wasn’t steep, or covered with as many trees as a traditional glade. This glade was open and forgiving. She still wouldn’t budge. And then something magical happened: My cousin said, “It’s… Read More

How Ben and Jerry’s Came to Have the Chunkiest Ice Cream

I went on the Ben and Jerry’s factory tour yesterday. My favorite story was how they came to make the chunkiest ice cream. It isn’t how you might expect. There were no customer interviews, surveys, or focus groups full of data to support a radical decision. Ben just couldn’t taste. He had no taste in… Read More