The Aha Myth

Your passion doesn’t appear in a flash. You probably won’t find it on that service trip, or the gap year, or in college, or in your internship, or with the help of your life coach. You might never find it if you keep looking so hard. We tell ourselves the myth that one day we’ll… Read More

Creating value through your work, not your presence

Eventually you need to detach your value from the promise that you’ll be in the office tomorrow. That’s what great entrepreneurs do. That’s what great leaders do. They build something bigger than themselves. What could you make or do that would be bigger than yourself? Could you build something once and let it scale? Could you… Read More

Four places where passion can come from

There are four places that passion for a project might come from. Problems The passion might come from you being fascinated by solving a difficult problem. For years, cypherpunks tried to solve the problem of creating a digital currency. Satoshi Nakamoto finally made it happen in 2009. I’d be willing to guess that he/she/they (whoever… Read More

Live learning

Learning doesn’t happen until you GET IT. Before then, it’s just words. The learning happens when you put the teaching into action. Therein lies the beauty of a workshop. A lecture is just words. You’re banking on students doing work at home until they get it. But that’s a lot to ask. Why not pair… Read More

New Projects Page

In efforts to show some more pictures of my work, I created a new projects page. I’m proud of this work, but more importantly, I want to help people working on similar projects. If anything up there resonates with you, I’d love to chat. Thanks for reading, Zack

Revolutionizing education

Workshop style learning could revolutionize education. My tendency is to stay small, not kick up too much dust and keep quiet. But it’s reasonable to say that my mission is to transform education through workshop learning. It sounds grandiose, but it’s entirely possible that we can do it. I’m starting to believe more and more in… Read More

Derisking entrepreneurial commitment

One of the biggest entrepreneurial risks is that you won’t care enough to show up and do this for 3-5 years. I think it’s a bigger risk than we give it credit for. If you’re serious about starting a company, you need to derisk this early. You need to gather evidence that you will have the… Read More

Finding your unique value

Unique value is hard to find. Why are you the best one to do the job? Isn’t there someone more experienced, cheaper and faster than you? The answer is usually “yes.” But there’s still something that makes you unique. Often when you’re young, it’s the fact that you care about something that’s too small for… Read More

When the magic happens

Live interaction is the magic. Skype works, so does email, But looking someone in the eye and laughing together is irreplaceable. Our time is so valuable, but setting some aside to make connections and gather is what makes life special.

Bosses and Sherpas

There’s no need for hierarchy in my workshops. I want to be a guide to the participants. I don’t want to be the boss who is up one rung on the ladder. I want to be the sherpa who can take them on a learning journey. I don’t want people thinking “he’s the teacher, I… Read More