Would you choose the compass or the map?

Alex chose the map and Sam the compass. Alex was off to a quick start, following directions and collecting clues was easy with a map. Sam was moving slower. A compass was helpful but it sure wasn’t as fast as a knowing the exact route. It took time to calculate the steps and find positions of each… Read More

John Grisham and Hybrid Entrepreneurship

John Grisham was a lawyer and a new dad, but he always thought he might have a novel in him. He started showing up to the office an hour early to write one page of his story every day. He did this for TWO YEARS until he published his first novel with a small publisher. Then he… Read More

Instead of Passion

Four alternative ways to think about the burning question of “What’s your passion?”   “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain These ideas might help you pick a college, a major, an internship, a job, a service group,… Read More

Lofty Promises

There’s nothing more valuable than delivering on a lofty promise A promise is all your business is anyways, right? Here some promises: If you pay us $6 we’ll give you a good hamburger. If you pay us $12 we’ll give you a good hamburger, a table, a glass of water and a place to sit… Read More

Believe it till you become it

“Believe it till you become it” is the better way of saying “fake it till you make it.” I’ve never loved the phrase, “fake it till you make it,” but the message behind it is a good one. You have to leap before you’re ready. You have to confront imposter syndrome and persist even if you’re not… Read More

The Full Stack Event

When Apple released the iPhone, it wouldn’t have worked if they didn’t control the entire stack. iOS on a blackberry phone wouldn’t have been magical. A physical iPhone without the iOS wouldn’t have turned many heads either. What made it so special was the whole experience. The hardware and the software together. When we think… Read More

Your mind on sleep

Two takes on the same to-do list: When you don’t get enough sleep “look at all these things I have to do.” When you get enough sleep “look at all these things I get to do.” Which perspective would you rather have? Get in early tonight and changing the script might be a little easier… Read More

What’s this training for?

Is your corporate training FOR teaching people important information? Because the instructor doesn’t seem to care that no one is paying attention. Or is it FOR you to be able to say you told them all they needed to know. And when something goes wrong, you can point to the training and say it was… Read More

Everyone used to like bugs

Little kids collect them, trade them and even sell them. Then we grow up and people say bugs are gross. They recoil when they see a creature crawl along the windowsill. We learn that bugs are disgusting. But nothing about bugs changes from our childhood to our adulthood. All that changed was the story we… Read More

Embarrassing work story

A short story from my first day at work: The most embarrassing thing happened at work today! My boxers were on backwards. And no one noticed.