Criticizing how people criticize advice

This is a sides of the hill corollary: when people criticize advice, they’re almost always wrong because you can’t know what side of the hill the readers are on. To review the theory, sides of the hill claims that there is an inverted U function that represents some personal characteristic. Let’s use the example of perfectionism…. Read More

Words don’t mean anything

Descriptive words don’t tell us anything about a culture. In IDEOs case study about what makes a creative culture one of the values is “collaborative.” That’s cool. I would agree. It makes sense that creative companies work together. BUT, if you went to the least creative company in the world and asked if they were… Read More

Every magic moment begins with generosity

Generosity makes up for a lot. Your drawing doesn’t have to be perfect if it’s generous. The cookies you baked for a neighbor don’t have to be world-class to make them feel welcomed. It’s okay if the card your wrote to your girlfriend has a few grammar issues. You don’t need to have perfect punctuation… Read More

Who do you want? Subscribers, followers or likers

I’ve heard many times that email performs better than social media, but I was blown away by these stats from if you have 2,000 email subscribers, 2,000 Facebook fans and 2,000 followers on Twitter – this is what you will get: 435 people will open your email 120 Facebook fans will see your message 40… Read More

I don’t have all the answers

So many internet business personalities make a living claiming they have all the answers. Their narrative is “if you do everything like me, then you will conquer the fear and be successful.” What I’ve found is that the people doing meaningful work never fully overcome fear. It’s always there. Seth Godin says we need to “learn… Read More

My Daily Affirmation

Take a deep breath and read this before starting the day: I am already enough. Nothing I accomplish today will make me happy forever. Only appreciation of the moment will do that. May I catch myself in moments of wanting as a reminder that today is beautiful. Come from a place of understanding and patience…. Read More

You don’t need permission

Joanna Wiebe had a knack for words. She noticed many engineers struggled with translating their brilliant inventions into language that a layperson could understand. One day she saw a website posted on Hacker News and knew she could improve the copy. She sent the developer some revisions. Totally free. She just thought it might help. The engineer appreciated the feedback and posted… Read More

You can prototype anything

David Kadavy said he prototyped his wardrobe by buying a bunch of different blazers at goodwill. He tried them on and wore some to see which he liked. When he bought a more expensive blazer which colors and styles suited him best. We think of prototyping as something you do with physical products, but it can be applied in… Read More

Guessing about some things

Selling a company and never working again sounds great, but I don’t think that’s where true happiness lies. It’d be a luxury never work again, but it wouldn’t be fulfilling. The goal is to find something you enjoy doing, that’s valuable to the world, that makes enough money.

Businesses of the future

Outcome orientation used to be really important. It took a long time to build a factory, but once you did, you just collected the profits for a long time. You focused on the goal of completing a factory and didn’t compromise that vision because you knew it would pay off. The process of building a business… Read More