Zack is the director of Dual School, a nationally-recognized organization that empowers teens to launch social impact projects. He’s taught at Stanford’s design school, spoken at Google and led workshops for thousands of people across the country.

He’s spoken on the TEDx stage about unlocking the potential of high school students and has appeared on a couple podcasts. He regularly speaks locally about education, personal development, social entrepreneurship and creativity.

Since releasing his first book The World Changer’s Handbook, Zack has worked with over two hundred young people to help them apply the ideas to find their calling.

After graduating from the University of Delaware’s Horn Program in Entrepreneurship in 2017, Zack moved to Wilmington, Delaware where he works and lives now.

Before becoming the director of a non-profit, Zack interned in marketing for Calypso Communications, Starting-11 (acquired), Bright Orange Thread and the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship. He has written countless blog posts and still has a passion for teaching through the written word.

He’s been published to over 40,000 followers in the Creatomic publication on Medium and he blogs every day here on zcjones.com.

Zack loves to be outside. Whether it’s surfing, snowboarding, playing tennis or just going on a walk, he loves reconnecting with nature.

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