A heuristic for progress

I heard this yesterday and I love it:

“If you’re not going to do it in the next 5 minutes, you’re not going to do it tomorrow. Break it into smaller steps.”

The hardest work, the work of getting people to conquer fear and be their best, is dominated by this rule. So often people make claims, “I’ll write my first blog post next month. I’ll make the outline for my book this weekend.” So rarely do those claims hold true.

This heuristic could help. Break the goal into a small enough chunk that you could make progress in the next five minutes. Even if you want to write a book, take five minutes to map out a rough outline. Decide upon a loose order of things. That way, when you actually start to write you’ll have something to work with rather than a blank page.

If you’re not ready to start, make a smaller goal. Doing this right ensures constant progress. Doing this wrong dooms you to a life where you leave your best work to chance, unable to create moments of productivity for yourself.

Be deliberate and persistent when it comes to your own progress. You’re worth it.