8 Levers in Workshop Design

Here are eight ways you can take your workshops to the next level. Each point is paired with prompting questions to get you thinking:

Games – How might you create a game that helps students learn?

Collective Art – How might you have the participants create a piece of art together?

Movement – How might you incorporate physical movement to make your experience more engaging?

Artifacts – How might you use physical objects to facilitate learning?

Space – How might you change the way students interact with space in order to enhance learning?

Action – How might you encourage students to take action on new information?

Presentation – How might you push students to present their work at the end of a session?

Music – How might you use music to help students better connect to the learning?

I used these prompts for the basis of a workshop last night. I’m working with a group of juniors in high school who will be leading an experience for high school freshmen in March. I used the above questions in a rapid fire way to encourage creative thinking.

Feel free to steal the prompts and adapt them however you see fit!